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Reggie Bush Forfeits Heisman Trophy, Remains Vacated

For the first time in the 75 year history the Heisman Trophy has been forfeited. Reggie Bush who was investigated for receiving improper benefits while he was at USC. He denied the claims for years but as the NCAA was closing in on finding him ineligible he forfeited the trophy. The Heisman committee has stated that trophy will remain vacated. Think about all the people have won the Heisman, a list that includes:

Carson Palmer, Charles Woodson, Ricky Williams, Desmond Howard, Bo Jackson, and Vinny Testaverde. These are just some of the few who have held that trophy and went on to be successful. Reggie Bush have been very successful, but will this taint his legacy? In terms of his pro career no, but who knows if people will look at him differently.

I just think its sad, because it’s the highest honor you can have as a College Football player. It remains to be seen if it stays to vacated or if the runner up will be awarded the trophy. The runner up would be Vince Young who would accept it if it was awarded to him. Only time will tell to see what happens.

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