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Thoughts on TNA Impact and Reaction 9/16/2010

So I watched TNA from last night and I thought it was decent. Not the greatest show they have done but certainly not the worst. I really enjoyed the match between Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash that turned into a brawl involving Jeff Jarrett and Sting. I really don’t know where it’s headed but it should be good.

Tommy Dreamer had a heartfelt speech towards every member of Fortune. I honestly don’t think it was scripted. It was very true, and honest to what he said about each man. Unfortunately he got beat down afterwords. I am really intrigued by what they are doing with Brian Kendrick. I haven’t seen him this much TV time since he was teaming with Paul London in WWE.

The match between Jay Lethal and Doug Williams was solid. Lethal is the new X Division Champion and it’s well deserved. I miss the Machismo gimmick but you can do more with Lethal when he doesn’t have the goofy gimmick. Jay Lethal is definitely a part of the future in pro wrestling.

The Main Event of the evening was a rematch from No Surrender. It was Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy. Both men put on an absolute show once again. There was a double pin and it went to no contest. It was finally determined that it was going to be a triple threat match also involving Mr. Anderson for the vacated TNA Heavyweight Title.

Like I said overall, it was a decent Impact. RVD returns next week. Also Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff are at odds over decision making. A lot going on leading into Bound for Glory. Keep watching Impact and Reaction to find out what happens next.

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