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Thoughts on TNA No Surrender

Tonight was TNA’s final stop before Bound for Glory and for TNA there was No Surrender. The first match of the evening was for the TNA Tag Team Titles. The challengers Generation Me took on the champs the Motor City Machine Guns. What a great way to start off a show. These two teams always put on a highlight reel. The Machine Guns won the match but afterward Generation Me attacked them and left both Shelly and Sabin lying.

The next match was for the X-Division Title with champion Doug Williams taking on Sabu. For those of you who think Sabu is washed up, guess again. He can still move and is still crazy. It was a good learning experience for Doug Williams who retained the title.

It seems the original Beautiful People have reunited. Velvet Sky took on Madison Rayne. Angelina Love was in Velvet’s corner and Tara was in the corner of Madison. This was a pretty good match and TNA proved once again that they have the better woman’s division. Velvet won the match and the original Beautiful People keep rolling along.

Abyss has been on a rampage as of late but he had his hands full with Rhino in a Falls Count Anywhere match. This match was all over the place and it ended with Rhino missing a Gore and going into the guardrail. Abyss continues his path of destruction.

I really am not getting the whole Jeff Jarrett saga with Sting and Kevin Nash. I also don’t know what they are doing with Samoa Joe. However Jarrett and Joe had a great tag match against the Wolfpack, Sting and Nash. Jarrett used Sting’s own bat against him to win the match. I am wondering Jarrett might be turning heel again. Jarrett is a way better heel then he is a face.

For those of you out there who think bringing in the ECW guys is pointless guess again. This next match proved that bringing them in was smart. AJ Styles and Tommy Dreamer had one of the better I Quit matches I’ve seen. Dreamer and AJ left it all in the ring tonight. They used kendo sticks and even used a fork which actually won the match for AJ. Yes AJ made Dreamer say I Quit with a fork in the eye.

I really hope all the WWE loyalist’s paid very close attention to the next match, because two of their own had one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time. Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy tore the house down tonight with their match. It was a 20 minute time limit match that went an extra two five minute periods in which the match finally ended in a no-contest. It’s too bad the WWE never pulled this match off because it would have made a ton of money. I really hope these two have a lot more matches to come. I can’t get over how great this match was.

In the Main Event, The Pope took on Mr. Anderson. These two have great in ring chemistry together and it showed again tonight. Pope has defeated Anderson before but tonight it was Anderson who defeated Pope with a Mic Check. So Mr. Anderson is in the finals for the TNA Heavyweight Title at Bound for Glory. However who will opponent be? Angle and Hardy went to no decision so it will be interesting to see what they do with that situation.

The pay-per-view was very solid from top to bottom. I like good solid wrestling matches that you can get into and this PPV was definitely worth watching. EV 2.0 continues to put over the young guys and four former WWE starts tore it up in the semifinals of the Heavyweight Title Tournament. Don’t you WWE people wish you still had Anderson, Pope, Angle and Hardy? Well you don’t and you won’t so keep watching TNA and keep watching the great matches they put on. TNA Bound for Glory is on 10-10-10 and hopefully “they” will give us something to remember.

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