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Detroit Pistons Have Been Sold to Mike Ilitch

In some big news for sports in Detroit, the Detroit Pistons have been sold to Mike Ilitch who also owns the Red Wings and Tigers. The Pistons had been owned by Bill Davidson for over 30 years but since his passing the talks of the Pistons being sold started fairly quickly. Mike Ilitch has owned the Red Wings since 1982, and the Tigers since 1992. Ilitch also owns Little Caesars Pizza which has pizza places worldwide.

The deal has not been finalized yet but when it is, expect some big things for the Pistons. However there will be a lot of questions when the deal takes place, like will Joe Dumars be the GM and how much Ilitch will spend to get the Pistons back to the NBA Championship. It should also be noted that Ilitch is also getting Palace Sports and Entertainment. There had been talks if Ilitch got the Pistons that he would move the Red Wings to the Palace temporarily so he could build a new arena for the Red Wings. Joe Louis is great but it’s small compared to other hockey arena’s.

You can pretty much say that Ilitch owns Detroit now. If only the NFL would allow him to buy the Lions, he would be the most powerful man in Detroit. Unfortunately the NFL does not allow other sports owners to own a football team. Kind of stupid if you ask me, but those are the rules and I am not the one makes them. This will be great for the Pistons and the city of Detroit. As a Pistons fan I cannot wait for some big changes to happen. Stay tuned for more.

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