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NFL Week 5 Preview

Well some big news coming out of the NFL last night. The Bills have traded Marshawn Lynch to the Seahawks in exchange for some draft picks. Having Lynch there will definitely be a good thing for the Seahawks. Another huge trade in the works is the Patriots sending Randy Moss to the Vikings where he originally started his NFL career. That would be great for Brett Favre and company because they need all the help they can get. There are some good games on this week but as usual, I am picking the four that I think will be the best.

(3-0) Kansas City Chiefs at(2-2) Indianapolis Colts
This will be the true test for the Chiefs but I think they will win in Indy. The Colts have no momentum right now. They are not the same Colts they once were. The offense is good, but the defense is horrible. The defense will not be able to stop the dynamic offense of Kansas City. KC is going 4-0

(3-1) Green Bay Packers at(2-2) Washington Redskins
This game will be very interesting to watch. The Redskins are showing signs of a great football team but the Packers are just really good right now. I am going to say Green Bay is going to win again, only because of that defense they over there. Even though they almost lost to Detroit, their defense is becoming one of the best in the league.

(2-2) Tennessee Titans at (1-2) Dallas Cowboys
The on again, off again Cowboys play a very great offense in the Titans. The Cowboys can never seem to make up their mind which team they want to show up. The Titans on the other hand, have a good solid team with Chris Johnson and Vince Young. The Cowboys lose at home in a close one. Tony Romo cannot be trusted with the football.

(1-2) Minnesota Vikings at(3-1) New York Jets
Well Brett Favre is starting to show his true age, and how not so great he is now. However if the Vikings get Moss, then that will be extra. Just one problem, Santonio Holmes returns this week after his 4 game suspension so now you have Holmes and Edwards. Mark Sanchez is finally looking like a pro QB. I think the Jets win easily and the defense is going to crush Favre.

Well there you have it, my predictions for the week. As always check back to read my weekly reviews on Tuesday. There might be a lot to talk about when this week is done.

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