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NFL Week 6 Preview

Well week 6 is here and we are starting to figure out who’s good and who not. Since it’s week six, I am going to pick six. And if you didn’t that reference then you’re an idiot, just kidding. So here we go, the six games that are the most interesting this week.

(4-1) Baltimore Ravens at (3-1) New England Patriots
The Ravens defense against the Patriots offense without Randy Moss. That’s an easy guess, so I am going with the Ravens on this one. The Patriots did re-sign Deon Branch but he’s no Moss. The Ravens offense has also been a better this year with their key additions. Baltimore is definitely one of the teams to beat right now and New England will find that out on Sunday.

(4-1) Atlanta Falcons at (3-2) Philadelphia Eagles
The question is will Vick start or not? It doesn’t matter because Atlanta is on fire and Atlanta is the team to beat in the NFC South. Falcons prove their the more dominant bird in the NFL, and go to 5-1

(2-2) Miami Dolphins at (3-2) Green Bay Packers
With the injuries piling up for the Packers, I don;t think they will be able to just skate by Miami. I will say this, if Aaron Rodgers starts the Packers will have a chance at winning. If he does not start, the Dolphins will improve their record to 3-2.

(3-1) Kansas City Chiefs at (3-2) Houston Texans
This should be an explosive game because both have dynamic offenses and pretty decent defenses. I am however going to with Houston because they have played tougher opponents and have proven to be legitimate whereas Kansas City played one tough team and lost. I could be wrong though. This is a very hard game to figure out. It will be a good one though.

(1-3) Dallas Cowboys at (1-3) Minnesota Vikings
I honestly don’t know which team is worst at this point. I feel very bad for Minnesota fans because they thought they were getting the same Brett Favre they had this year and they’re not. The Cowboys on the other hand are just that, the Cowboys. They are suppose to be America’s team, but they have become the joke of the NFL. Let me this straight the Vikings and Cowboys share the same record as the Browns and you mine as well throw in the Lions because they have only one win. When you’re in that company you’re pathetic. They are also not far behind from how bad the Bills, Panthers, and 49ers. Need I say more? I am going with the Vikings, because they are at home and Randy Moss will hopefully show up to play in his homecoming to Minnesota. Vikings in a close one as where I am standing.

(3-2) Indianapolis Colts at (3-2) Washington Redskins.
Another game I am not sure about right now because both teams have gotten lucky wins and them suffered some embarrassing loses. I am going to go with the Redskins this time only because they have beaten some good teams. Who has Indy beat? Teams that are lackluster to decent at best. I am going with the Skins in a tight one.

And for those of you who want to know my opinion on the Saints, because everyone keeps asking, the truth is I picked the Buccaneers to beat them this week. Lets look this for a minute because what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I am nuts but the scores show for themselves.

Minnesota W 14-9
San Francisco W 25-22
Atlanta L 27-24 OT
Carolina W 16-14
Arizona L 30-20

They are not winning by dominant fashion like they did last year. They have been exposed, and people have figured out how to beat them. I said they were overrated and I am sticking with my statement that they are overrated. That’s my final thoughts until Sunday. Check back always for my week in review.

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