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NFL Week 7 Preview

Has the NFL become a game of softies? I guess this would be a week to find out. A lot of debate about hard hits in the NFL and what should be done. A lot of big games this so lets get to it.

(4-2) Philadelphia Eagles at (4-2) Tennessee Titans
You never know what you’re going to get from week to week the Eagles. Even though they have won four, they don’t have consistency but then again neither do the Titans. I am going to go with the Titans this week. They crushed their last opponent so they are rolling right now.

(4-1) Pittsburgh Steelers at (3-2) Miami Dolphins
I am going with Miami this week. I just have a good feeling about them. Miami has got a great offense and their defense is starting to come around. Chad Henne is becoming an elite Quarterback in the NFL. He just need more weapons to throw to. Miami will pull it out

(3-2) Arizona Cardinals at (3-2) Seattle Seahawks
I am not sure what to think of either team at this point but it seems as if though Pete Carroll has got Seattle dialed in. I am going with Seattle because Arizona is another team not showing a lot of consistency either. It will be a good divisional rival game. I am going with the Seahawks this week.

(2-3) Minnesota Vikings at (3-3) Green Bay Packers
This is always a great game no matter what and no matter who is playing in it. This year will be different because Minnesota is not playing like they were last year. I am not sure how this game will go but I will say this, it’s going to be a lot closer then the games they played last year. I am going with Green Bay. I don’t know why but I just am.

That’s all for the week. Check back Tuesday for my week in review.

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