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NFL Week 7 Review

Well the theme of week 7 is how Quarterbacks are dropping like flies. So far this year Matthew Stafford, David Garrard, and now this week we have Brett Favre and Tony Romo. The Cowboys and Vikings are absolutely horrible right now. Neither team in my opinion will make the playoffs. The Bills remain the only team without a win and the Raiders put a beat down on Denver.

Right now I think the front runners for a Super Bowl shot are the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, and New England Patriots. I know it’s still kind of early but we are almost halfway through and these are the teams that stick out to me right now. However keep your eye out for Kansas City, Houston, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia.

That is all for week 7, check back Thursday evening for my week 8 predictions. There are some intriguing games coming up this week.

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