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NFL Week 8 Preview

It’s week eight and for some teams it’s make or break. Some teams are doing great, and other ain’t. Here is my predictions for the week eight.

(3-3) Miami Dolphins at(2-4) Cincinnati Bengals
This match up is very intriguing to me because both of these teams records are not what they should be. I am going to with Miami on this one. They have been playing some tough football games and put themselves in the position to win each week. This week will be no different but this time they will be on the winning side.

(4-3) Green Bay Packers at (5-1) New York Jets
The Packers have lost some close ones, and have won some close ones but this will not be close. I see the Jets beating up the Packers bad. The Packers are dealing with all sorts of injuries while the Jets are extremely healthy. The Jets will continue to prove why they are they dominant team in the NFL right now.

(2-4) Minnesota Vikings at (5-1) New England Patriots
The big question is who will start Quarterback, Favre or Jackson? The thing I am watching for the most is how will Randy Moss play against his former team. He has a lot of to prove. Even though Moss will be motivated, the Patriots will still win and be tied with the Jets for the lead the in the division and the AFC.

(5-1) Pittsburgh Steelers at(4-3) New Orleans Saints
I am going to say it again, New Orleans is not good. They have been figured out and I don’t care if they won the Super Bowl last year. No one knew how to beat them last year but this it’s different. It also doesn’t help that Bush and Thomas are injured but Brees is not putting up numbers like he was last year. I think the Steelers defense will hold the Saints at bay. Pittsburgh along with New England, and New York are running away with the AFC.

There is a clear consensus on who the best teams in the AFC are, but the NFC is up in the air. I mean you have teams like Atlanta, New York(Giants), and even Seattle. None of these teams are running away with things the way the AFC teams are. Check back Tuesday for my week in review.

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