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Road to the World Series Begins

After a long and competitive baseball season, it has come down to eight teams. Eight teams that had to fight like crazy to get in. Some races ended a week ago, some ended yesterday but we now have our match-ups in the divisional series.

Wed., Oct. 6 ALDS Game 1: Texas at Tampa Bay 1:37 p.m. ET
NLDS Game 1: Cincinnati at Philadelphia 5:07 p.m. ET
ALDS Game 1: NY Yankees at Minnesota 8:37 p.m. ET
Thurs., Oct. 7 ALDS Game 2: Texas at Tampa Bay 2:37 p.m. ET
ALDS Game 2: NY Yankees at Minnesota 6:07 p.m. ET
NLDS Game 1: Atlanta at San Francisco 9:37 p.m. ET
Fri., Oct. 8 NLDS Game 2: Cincinnati at Philadelphia 6:07 p.m. ET
NLDS Game 2: Atlanta at San Francisco 9:37 p.m. ET
Sat., Oct. 9 ALDS Game 3: Tampa Bay at Texas 5:07 p.m. ET
ALDS Game 3: Minnesota at NY Yankees 8:37 p.m. ET
Sun., Oct. 10 *ALDS Game 4: Minnesota at NY Yankees TBD
*ALDS Game 4: Tampa Bay at Texas TBD
NLDS Game 3: Philadelphia at Cincinnati TBD
NLDS Game 3: San Francisco at Atlanta TBD
Mon., Oct. 11 *NLDS Game 4: Philadelphia at Cincinnati TBD
*NLDS Game 4: San Francisco at Atlanta TBD
Tues., Oct. 12 *ALDS Game 5: NY Yankees at Minnesota TBD
*ALDS Game 5: Texas at Tampa Bay TBD
Wed., Oct. 13 *NLDS Game 5: Cincinnati at Philadelphia TBD
*NLDS Game 5: Atlanta at San Francisco TBD

In my opinion the World Series will be the Tampa Bay Rays taking on the Atlanta Braves. It is destiny that Box Cox go out on a high note. That’s the best way for legendary baseball career to end. The Braves will be playing the hardest to make sure this happens. Philly is going to be tough and so are the Rangers. My gut feeling is telling me Rays-Braves in a warm weather World Series. Only time will tell.

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