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Roy Halladay Makes Post-Season History

The Phillies definitely got a winner this past off season when they signed Roy Halladay. He went 21-10 this season and led the Phillies to the playoffs again. Halladay pitched in his ever postseason game last night and boy did he make it a memorable. He pitched a no hitter against the Cincinnati Reds. The only other person who has ever thrown a no hitter was Don Larsen in game 5 of the 1956 World Series which happen to be a perfect game. Halladay became the fifth pitcher to throw two no-hitters in one season, and it’s the first no-hitter at Citizens Bank Park.

Like I said the Phillies got a winner when they signed Roy Halladay. If Doc wouldn’t have thrown the no hitter yesterday we would have been talking about the great pitching performance by Cliff Lee who got the momentum rolling for Texas. The Phillies also have momentum now, and the Reds have to be deflated after being dominated like that. There is a lot more to come from these teams. Keep checking back to see if anyone has a spectacular performance.

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