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Thoughts on Brett Favre, Gilbert Arenas, and Detroit Tigers

A lot has been going the last few days I haven’t able to cover on a story by story basis. First lets begin with the Brett Favre allegations. He supposedly sent pictures to a female employee of the New York Jets while he was there. The females name is Jen Sterger, and no offense if I was a guy not married I would definitely be hooking up with her. However, Brett Favre is married and his wife fought through breast cancer while he played football. I thought Brett Favre was a little more classy then that. I’ve talk to various people who follow sports like I who have heard the voice mails and they all say it’s Favre. If it is Favre, not only has he damaged his reputation, but maybe even his legendary status as well. Conveniently Favre’s elbow hurts and he might not play this Sunday. Stay tuned to see what unfolds.

Now on to an even more disturbing piece of news. Gilbert Arenas has been fined for faking an injury so he could skip games. What is with this guy? First he goes to jail for carrying a gun into the arena and now this. Arenas was known to be one of the top basketball players 3-4 years ago but now he’s become an absolute joke and disgrace. It’s no wonder why Washington wants him out. Who fakes an injury these days? I am sure some exaggerate their injuries but why fake one if you know you’re probably going to get caught. It’s just plain stupid.

There is a lot of baseball news going on as well. Fredi Gonzales is the new manager of the Atlanta Braves and he was introduced by Bobby Cox. Also, the Tigers have declined their option on Magglio Ordonez for next year. I am not surprised by this because Maggs is not worth 15 million dollars anymore. Tigers have also let Damon, Bonderman and Laird go from their contracts. People have said that the Tigers are going to be a totally different team next year. Only time will tell this off-season to see what happens.

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