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Thoughts on on TNA Impact and Reaction 10/28/10

This week was one of the craziest openings to an Impact that I can remember. You had the Knockouts going at it for about 10 minutes with Ric Flair trying to break it up. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. The Beautiful People and Mickie eventually took on Sarita, Tara and Madison and a 6 woman tag later on in the night.

I really enjoyed the street fight between Jay Lethal and Robbie E. I really love how TNA is using the Jersey Shore storyline to their advantage. Robbie won with a little bit of assistance from Cookie so now at Turning Point Robbie gets a title shot at Lethal’s X Division Title.

I was impressed with the tag match match with MCMG, GenMe, and Ink Inc. The Guns won the match and then accepted Team 3D’s challenge for a match at Turning Point. Win, lose or draw it will be Team 3D’s last match as a tag team at Turning Point.

I also enjoyed what they are doing with Matt Morgan. I like how they are using a real life issue as a storyline. Let me tell you something Matt Morgan needs to shine. His time to shine is now. I loved how he stood up for whats right and I love that they are probably going to put him in a Main Event spot where he belongs.

Fortune and Immortal are continuing to dominate Impact every week but rest assure, that Dixie is waiting in the wings and plans on bringing guys in to get her company back. I really enjoy what TNA is doing right now and it’s the best wrestling on television. It’s got great matches, great stories and the best pay-per-views around. The rest of the year in TNA should be exciting so keep watching…you never know who might show up or how one twist of fate could change the whole company.

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