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Thoughts on TNA Bound for Glory

Last night was truly a night of crossing the line for TNA. TNA had it’s biggest pay-per-view of the year last night Bound for Glory last night and it didn’t fail. The opening match was the Motor City Machine Guns taking on Generation Me. All I got to say is another great match for these two teams. A great match and another great win for the Motor City Machine Guns who retained the tag titles.

The Knockouts title match was very good, and I loved the interaction between Mickie James and all the Knockouts. In the end, Tara took advantage of Madison Rayne being on the outside and become the new Knockouts champion. After the match, Mickie James decked Madison. I think they might be setting up a feud between the two. It’s great to see Mickie James getting some positive exposure again, unlike what WWE was doing to her towards the end.

All I got to say is Eric Young & Orlando Jordan versus Ink Inc was absolutely hilarious. I repeatedly asked myself during the match, what the hell was Eric Young doing? TNA has made EY a goofball again and I think it’s funny. Ink Inc won when EY beat up on OJ and allowed them to get the pin. It was a very entertaining match.

The TNA X Division Championship match between Jay Lethal and Doug Williams was definitely a solid match which both men should be proud of. I was really impressed with both men’s heart in the match. Jay Lethal is definitely the future of pro wrestling. It’s great seeing him be his own man and doing his own thing. Doug Williams reminds me a lot of Taz with all the suplex’s he does. Great win for Jay Lethal proving why he’s the heart and soul of the X Division right now.

The Monster’s Ball Match between Abyss and Rob Van Dam had some brutality to it and was definitely a good match for both guys. I can’t believe they didn’t come out with more damage with all the barbed wire that was inflicted on them. RVD wins but “They” didn’t reveal themselves however Abyss promised they would by the end of the night.

In the Three-on-Two Handicap Match that featured Sting, Kevin Nash & D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett was definitely surprising. I really didn’t think Jarrett would turn on Joe. What was really awesome was the looks on everyone’s face including their opponents when it happened. I was impressed by Kevin Nash that he was able to power-bomb Samoa Joe. The old man can still get it done. Whether or not Nash retires or not remains to be seen but it was a good way for him to go out if he is.

The Lethal Lockdown Match was a bloody and brutal as I thought it would be. Flair and Foley of course got into it and beat each other up. I have to give props to Stevie Richards though because he appeared to break his ankle shortly after the match started and he managed to fight through it. He even managed to climb the cage to fight Kazarian on top. Brian Kendrick helped out by putting Kazarian through a table on top of the steel cage. The match ended when Tommy Dreamer did a Dreamer Driver from the top rope on to a chair to A.J. Styles. It was bloody, crazy, brutal and everything a steel cage match should be. It was a great way for the rivalry to end.

The Main Event was for the TNA Championship in a Three-Way Match putting Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy. This was an awesome match. All three men wouldn’t quit, showed a lot of heart and should be proud of their match. The result of the match was shocking. The referee got knocked out and so Eric Bischoff came out to hit someone with a chair but Hogan’s music hit and he came out on crutches. I was shocked to see him there. He entered the ring and what happen next was crazy. Hardy took both crutches and whacked Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson for the win and to become the new TNA Heavyweight Champion. After the match Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett came out to celebrate and it was revealed that all those guys were “They”. RVD came out to talk to Hardy but he got his clocked clean to end the show.

Now I know all the internet wrestling fans, and WWE loyalists are probably trashing the ending of the show but I think it was awesome. I think it’s great that TNA has the guts to do something WWE doesn’t and that’s turn their top face into a heel. No one saw Hardy turning heel, and if they did it was a lucky guess. I will be very curious to see how this turns out. It was like Bash of the Beach 1996 all over again, and I mean that literally. This will make for some good story line’s over the next couple of months because here is what I think is going to happen at Turning Point based on what I’ve read and seen.

Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
Abyss vs. Sting
Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe

I also wonder what will happen to Kurt Angle now. He promised to retire if he didn’t win but he was not the one who got pinned. I am also curious to see what they do with Mr. Anderson now. TNA is going to be crazy. I cannot wait for Impact this Thursday. I loved this pay-per-view. So far, it’s the best PPV of the year.

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