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Thoughts on the UFC-WEC Merger

This coming January the UFC and the WEC will be merging into one. All the WEC fighters to be rolled into the UFC after their last event in December. Here is how things are going to work coming into the new year. The winner of Henderson and Pettis in December will face the winner of Maynard and. Edgar in a unified title fight. Also the first fight with lighter weight divisions will be in January where Jose Aldo will defend his title at UFC 125.

So now the UFC will also have a Bantamweight, and a Featherweight divison. It also means Urijah Faber, Mike Brown, Miguel Angel Torres, and many more. WEC also had a lightweight division so the lightweight champion and it’s contenders better be prepared because their are some good fighters from the WEC coming over.

This is absolutely huge for UFC and puts them over the top as the best MMA company. What is next for the UFC? I think this awesome and I am so looking forward to this. Stay tuned for more on these developments.

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