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The TNA Mystery: Who are “They”

For months now on TNA Impact, Abyss has been saying that “they” are coming on 10-10-10 at Bound for Glory. Originally people thought it was EV 2.0 and then when EV 2.0 attacked Abyss then that went right out the window. A lot of people then were under the mindset that Fortune was controlling Abyss and telling him what to do. Abyss said Fortune was not “they.” So the big question is who are “they?” Well I have heard a lot theory’s, and explanations so I am going to go through a couple of them.

Theory 1: The most common one I heard was Hulk Hogan turning heel and joining Nash and Sting. It would make sense to reform the Wolfpac once again. You also have to remember that Bound for Glory is in Daytona Beach, the same place where Hogan turned heel in 1996 at Bash of the Beach. I also have to add that it’s in the same arena that Hogan turned heel in. History could repeat itself and with all the ironies and coincidences it wouldn’t surprise me if this happen. The other part of this theory is that Hogan, and Jarrett turn heel and that Nash, Sting and Pope turn face with Samoa Joe on their side.

Theory 2: Some people think, it’s going to be a group of former WWE stars like Carlito, Gregory Helms, Shelton Benjamin, and others. To add that theory, they could be Haas and Benjamin and they could come in to help Kurt Angle win the TNA Heavyweight Title. It would be great to see some of the WWE stars who were underused and misused there. TNA would be a great fit for them and it would be a better place for them to showcase their talents.

Theory 3: I have been hearing talk about Paul Heyman, but this seems very unlikely. Heyman said the only way he would come to TNA is if he had complete creative control which Dixie Carter won’t give into right now. However Heyman would be a great manager for Abyss. He’s managed some freaks in his time like Brock Lesnar, Heidenreich, Big Show, and a lot of other wrestlers.

So there you have it, the three best theories that I’ve heard. I honestly don’t know who it is, and I am thinking whatever happens, it’s going to be great. TNA Bound for Glory is this Sunday and I for one cannot wait. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Theory number 1 and 3 make a lot of sense, don;t see theory 2 happening.

    The way Abyss talks about "they" it sounds like people of power or could have power. I don't see a guy like Abyss taking orders from guys like Helms, Haas and Benjamin.

    With that said, I like theory 3 better and hope that is the case.

  2. I see Haas and Shelton coming on a different way to help Angle become champion and save his career. Team Angle in TNA.

    I am thinking 1 is going to happen because Heyman said he wasn't coming so that's that.

  3. I love the idea of Benjamin and Haas coming to TNA. Especially Benjamin seeing how under-appreciated he was, he would be great in TNA.

    I'm happy that "they" hasn't been revealed on the internet first and then the PPV,Like most if not all "surprises" are told.

  4. Dude you are forgetting the most realistic theories. Why would Abyss care about Haas and former WWE rejects? It makes no sense. A Hogan heel turn does not make sense either. Its pointless. What does make sense are any of these 3 theories. 1. Raven's Brood which at one time had Abyss, recently signed Mickey James and also Jeff hardy. 2. James Mitchell's New Church. Ties with Abyss are obvious. 3. A group led by The Fallen Angels. Daniels being involved would be cool.
    Any of your 3 theories would be a huge let down.

  5. You obviously didn't read my comment when I said that Haas and Benjimen probably would come in a different scenario that had no relation to Abyss.

    And not be mean, but none your theories would have an impact. Chris Daniels, whoopie. We have already seen him on TNA.

    Raven's Brood won't happen just because Raven is doing the whole EV2.0 thing.

    New Church, most of the guys are dead or retired.

    It's like I said, "They" is the best kept secret wrestling has had in years.

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