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U of M-MSU: A Rivalry Renewed

For the first time in a long time, MSU and U of M face each other with 5-0 records, which puts more emphasis on the game. Whoever wins this game will have a share of the Big Ten lead with Ohio State which is really important because if Ohio State happens to lose, then either team has a chance to make a really good bowl game this year.

Lets start with Michigan and the one crazy man they have on their team. Denard Robinson is a one man offensive machine. He proved he can run and pass, and be good at both. The problem with the Wolverines is they don’t have a great defense but they get the job done when it means the most.

Then there is MSU who has Kirk Cousins at QB and a little bit better of a defense then U of M. It’s going to hurt them this week not having Coach Dantonio on the sidelines. They are playing in the Big House and that crowd noise is unbelievable there. Michigan State has beaten U of M the last two years but I am going to say this year will be different.

U of M has home field advantage and no one really has figured out how to stop Denard Robinson. Look at his numbers if you need proof. He has passed for 1008 yards, and has rushed for 905 yards. Not to mention the guy has 8 touchdowns. He leads in a lot of categories right now.

The game airs on ABC/ESPN at 3:30pm and I know most of the state will be watching. It’s going to be a great football game if you’re a fan of U of M or MSU. Tune in to find out which team will suffer their first lost of the season.

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