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EA Sports MMA Review

Earlier this week, I got a chance to sit down and play EA Sports: MMA. There was a lot of talk about this game and how it would compare to the UFC games. Well my verdict is in. I think the overall presentation of the game is decent.

When I first was playing the game the controls were hard to figure out but once I got them figured out it was a little bit easier. I will say this, submissions are a lot easier to do on this game but striking is much harder. I think the whole point of the game is trying to get people to tap out. They have a good selection of fighters including Strikeforce, and former UFC fighters.

What I hate about the game is the ring announcing…No one can touch Bruce Buffer and plus the guys voice on the game sounds distorted. The ring announcing is really good and it has a lot of emphasizes on it.

So if you’re an MMA and asked me if I would buy it, I would say yes. It is entertaining and in it’s a very competitive game. It’s a fun game if you’re a die hard MMA fan who isn’t just limited to the UFC stuff.

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