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Jimmie Johnson Wins Sprint Cup…NASCAR is Dead

The sport I once knew growing up where drivers let all hang loose and fought for championships is officially dead. People think that seeing the same guy win the championship for five years straight is good for the sport. It is absolutely horrible for the sport of NASCAR. People are now starting to compare Jimmie to some of the greatest drivers NASCAR has seen.

I got news for you Jimmie Johnson is no Petty, no Earnhardt, no Allison and anyone else in that category. If NASCAR would never started the Chase for the Cup Jimmie Johnson would have only one or two championships to his name. Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin dominated all season and it should came down to those two, no Johnson who pretty much sandbags until the chase begins.

NASCAR is officially dead and it’s because it’s not the good old boys, rednecks and fearless drivers doing the driving anymore. Back in the day, there was maybe one or two superstars. Now they have turned into a sport where everyone is a superstar due to corporate sponsors. I miss the old days of Earnhardt, Waltrip, Marlin, Jarrett, Wallace, and the guys that ran in the late 80’s until the late 90’s. I no longer have an interest in NASCAR because we all know who is going to win…Jimmie Johnson. NASCAR mine as well rename itself to the Jimme Johnson show because that’s what it has become. Thank you to whoever killed off the greatness NASCAR once had because it was the worst thing that could have ever happened. I am done, and as far as I am concern NASCAR has become a joke.

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