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John Cena to MMA? I Don’t Think So

Last night John Cena was “fired” from WWE as a result for not helping Wade Barrett win the WWE Title. The stipulation was if Barrett won the WWE Title Cena would be free from Nexus. If Orton retained the title Cena would be fired. Orton retained the title so Cena is fired. What people need to understand is John Cena isn’t really fired, it’s just part of a storyline.

Earlier this morning S.C. Michaelson from Watch Kalib Run, which is an MMA website reported that John Cena would become an MMA fighter and is setting up a fight between he and Batista. One of Cena’s quotes was, “I wasn’t that good a rapper, but I hustled and got a deal. I wasn’t that good of a wrestler, but I earned respect and became a champion. Now I look to take all of that and become the best cage fighter I can be.”

I am asking all wrestling and MMA fans to not blow this out of proportions. John Cena is not becoming an MMA fighter. What John Cena did is what they call kayfabe in the wrestling business. Kayfabe is is the portrayal of events within the industry as “real”. They portray it as being genuine or not worked. It also means that the event/interview has been “kayfabed” or staged, or is part of a wrestling angle while being passed off as real or legitimate.

John Cena is and always will be a WWE Superstar. I think it’s tasteless that someone who is suppose to be an MMA journalist would even believe this for a second. He obviously doesn’t know the wrestling business that well. So MMA fans don’t freak out, because John Cena will not be in MMA anytime soon. He is WWE for life.

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