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Linda McMahon Loses Senate Race in Connecticut

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon lost her Senate race in the state of Connecticut last night to opponent Richard Blumenthal. Linda McMahon spent 50 million dollars on her campaign over the last 14 months. However I am not here to talk about the political aspect of this. I am wondering about the WWE aspect of this. Will the WWE now go back to it’s old rating of TV14 and will Linda McMahon come back to the WWE?

I know as a WWE fan, I am sort of happy she lost because now the WWE can go back to doing what it did before. WWE needs to go back to the old ways of blood, sweat and tears much like TNA is right now. You can only imagine how angry Vince McMahon is right now. Not only did he lose out on 50 million dollars. He has also lost viewers over the last 14 months due to this PG crap that WWE has been doing.

The biggest thing is that the WWE did wrong is launched it’s “Stand up for WWE” campaign way too late. They should have launched that campaign many months ago before the election was even close to happening.

So what will become of the WWE now that the elections are over? Post your thoughts below or on the Facebook group.

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