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Moss and Merriman Find New Homes

Yesterday two of the most talented players in the NFL found new homes. Randy Moss who was just waived by the Vikings only four weeks after being acquired by them was picked up by the Titans. The reason for Moss’ sudden release still isn’t clear cut. The word going around that he blew up at a catering service who was serving food. The other parts I was hearing is he was unhappy from the time he got there and wasn’t playing his hardest. I’ve heard all of sorts of things but people are now starting to look at Brad Childress as the problem. It’s no secret that he doesn’t have the respect of certain players. The biggest mistake Childress made was going to down south last year and getting Brett Favre. There has been so much drama since Favre started last year it’s ridiculous. The drama didn’t show itself last season but it sure is this year. Don’t believe me, just look at their record. Moss may have a new home with the Titans but how much longer will Childress have with the Vikings?

Shawne Merriman who was the defensive star for the Chargers has been in trouble and injured. The Chargers couldn’t take anymore so they released him. He now is a Buffalo Bill for the rest of the year. He went from bad to worst but he promised to play his hardest and be a good teammate. Only time will tell to see how Merriman does.

Be sure to watch these two guys the next few weeks to see how they fit and if they progress with their new teams. They are both dynamic personalities and can either help or hurt their respective teams. The Titans have gotten better with this move and the Bills get a little bit of a defensive upgrade. Stay tuned for more.

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