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NFL Week 10 Preview

Well week 10 is here and with that begins Thursday games. So lets get down to it. Here are my picks for the week.

(6-2) Baltimore Ravens at (6-2) Atlanta Falcons
Both teams are hot right now. Both have been winning very close games. I think I am going to have to go with Atlanta this week. They have a lot of poise behind them and are running away with the NFC South. Baltimore is great but Atlanta will be better this week.

(5-3) Tennessee Titans at (4-4) Miami Dolphins
A lot of things to look forward in this one. The Titans have added Randy Moss and the Dolphins named Chad Pennington starting QB this week. I think Moss will be motivated and if not Jeff Fisher will get him motivated. I think Tennessee wins behind Young, Moss and Johnson. Look for an explosive game offensively for both teams.

(6-2) New England Patriots at (6-2) Pittsburgh Steelers
I personally don’t like either team so I am going to make this short and sweet. The Steelers defense will dominate the Patriots offense. The defense for Pittsburgh is too experienced and too good at what they do screw a game up like this. Brady won’t know what hit him come Sunday.

(5-3) Philadelphia Eagles at (4-4) Washington Redskins
McNabb plays his old team again or does he? A lot of controversy in Washington so I am saying Philly wins, but if Grossman starts they will get blown out by the Philly defense. Vick and Jackson is the most lethal combination in the NFL right now and they will prove that again this Monday Night. Philly wins a in a landslide, massacre, and a beat-down on top of it.

Finally, Thank God the Saints have a bye week. I don’t have to listen to everyone rant and rave about how supposedly great they are. Mark my words, they won’t be in the playoffs. Check back on Tuesday for the week in review.

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