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NFL Week 10 Review

Well 10 is in the books and the first thing is first. There are finally no win less teams in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills defeated the Detroit Lions in a game that was all over the place. Speaking of all over the place, was Michael Vick all over the field last night. He looked phenomenal once again.

I will go on record as saying that as much as I love the New York Jets, but they should have lost the last two weeks in a row to the Lions and Browns. However Mark Sanchez pulled off some heroics with Santonio Holmes in both games. Speaking of heroes, Jason Garrett probably looks like a hero in Dallas right now after beating the Giants.

The last thing I want to touch on from this week is how crazy the Titans-Dolphins games was. Four Quarterbacks got injured in one game. Tennessee lost Young and Collins, and Dolphins lost Pennington and Henne. Randy Moss wasn’t very productive either. Will he be on a fourth team this year? Who knows but I am sure he couldn’t have been happy with things.

Well check back tomorrow for my week 11 predictions. There are some tough games again this week. I am going to have some hard ones to pick.

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