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NFL Week 11 Preview

Well week eleven is upon us and there are some tough games and even tougher choices for what games to pick but here we go.

(5-4) Oakland Raiders at(6-3) Pittsburgh Steelers
The Raiders have really come around this year and are having one of their best years in a long time. However the Steelers defense is still looking great even though they lost to the Patriots on Sunday. Look for both team to come out swinging because both are in the middle are fighting to stay a top of their divisions. I am going with my least favorite team in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hope the refs help you out this week.

(7-2) Atlanta Falcons at (4-5) St. Louis Rams
Do not let the Rams record fool you. They are a tough team with a lot of talented players but I think the Falcons will pull it out in a very close game. They are to strong right now and I look for them to keep the momentum going this week.

(6-3) Indianapolis Colts at (7-2) New England Patriots
One of the biggest rivalries in the sports today reignites with the injury plagued Colts and the young team of the Patriots. Right now Tom Brady is playing a lot better then Peyton Manning and it will prove to be the same way this week. Brady and the Patriots will win hands down. Could it be snowing in Foxboro this weekend? That could play a factor if it does.

(6-3) New York Giants at (6-3) Philadelphia Eagles
I don’t care if they have the same records, the simple fact that the Giants lost to the Cowboys is demoralizing and it crushed any momentum the Giants had. Michael Vick has been play some of the best football he’s ever played in his life. I think the Eagles send the Giants packing back to New York. I still can’t believe they lost to Dallas. I am still chuckling over that one.

Well be sure to check back for my review on Tuesday. I’ll make it as entertaining as possible.

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