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NFL Week 11 Review

Well week 11 is in the books, and not a lot to report this week, but their were some interesting things that happened. First, I was so happy to see Big Ben get decked by Richard Seymour this week. Big Ben was showboating and paid the price. I don’t agree with Seymour being ejected and escorted out by police. I thought that was too harsh.

Brad Childress has been fired and all I have to say is good riddance. He finally deserved what he got. You can stick a fork in the Vikings, and a few other teams because they have no chance of making the playoffs.

The New York Cardiac Jets like some people love to call them pulled of another miracle win again this week. Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Mark Sanchez were the heroes this week. This is the third week in a row they have pulled something like this off and I am starting to think they enjoy toying with their opponents. A part of me thinks they know what their doing. Who knows?

There are 6 weeks left and if the playoffs started today here would be the teams going from the NFC:

Green Bay
Tampa Bay

You would also have to factor in that New Orleans is still hanging tough and the NFC West is garbage. Here are the teams from the AFC that would be going:

NY Jets
New England
Kansas City

The AFC is a tight race the with teams like Miami, San Diego, Oakland and, Tennessee. A lot can happen in six weeks so stay tuned. Their could be some shockers.

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