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NFL Week 12 Review

Thanksgiving has come and gone and so has week 12 of the NFL season. There were some great games this week like the Panthers vs. Browns, Falcons vs. Packers, Cowboys vs. Saints, and many more. As it stands right now there are only three teams in the NFC and three teams in the AFC who do not have a chance to make the playoffs. That means 26 teams are still fighting for a playoff spot. That’s really unheard of this late in the season.

The Jets and Patriots play each other on Monday Night Football this coming week and that should decided a lot. The Steelers and Ravens play on Sunday Night which could also decided a lot. Some divisional games include Atlanta at Tampa Bay, St. Louis at Arizona, Washington at NY Giants, Denver at Kansas City, Jacksonville at Tennessee, and Oakland at San Diego.

Teams that really don’t have a shot at this point are Dallas, Minnesota, Washington, Carolina and Detroit. On the AFC side of things Cincinnati, Buffalo, Cleveland and Denver don’t have much of a shot either.

All the teams who needed a win got one but this coming week a lot of the top teams are playing each other so it’s going to change the landscape of the playoff race. Check back tomorrow for my week 13 preview.

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