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NFL Week 8 Review

This has to be the absolute weirdest year in football history or so it seems. The Dallas Cowboys have a worst record then the Detroit Lions. Brett Favre just needs to go home and call it quits, and Randy Moss has now been let go by two teams this year. What in the heck is going on?

I was really surprised to see the Jets lose to the Packers. It was an absolute boring game the featured no offense and plenty of defense. I was really surprised to see Donovan McNabb get benched with two minutes left to play in the game against Detroit. Mike Shanahan was full of excuses on that one. Lets see how McNabb reacts this week.

I am going to say it again, Brett Favre needs to retire. He’s old, injured and not effective anymore. He should have never come back and since he has he’s destroying is legacy and his character. Yes, I said character because of the whole Jen Sterger thing going on. He needs to be done and call it a career.

Randy Moss ran his mouth again and it’s landed him in the unemployment line. I will be very curious to see if and what team decides to pick him up. Randy Moss is a great football player but unfortunately he has been too much of a problem every where he has went.

Other then those big stories, not much to report this week. Well I suppose I will give the Saints some credit, as they beat another team I strongly dislike, the Steelers. I will say it again though, the Saints are overrated. The Steelers well they have the officials in their back pockets. That’s all I am going to say. Check back later this week for my preview of week nine.

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