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NFL Week 9 Preview

Some of the biggest questions heading into this week are, will Randy Moss find a new team? And will Donovan McNabb start for the Redskins. There a lot of messes going on in the NFL right now and it will be interesting to see how they get cleaned up. Here are my predictions for the week.

(5-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at (5-2) Atlanta Falcons
The Bucs have really come on strong this year beating teams that I didn’t think they would beat. However Atlanta has got a great healthy team that will probably with the NFC South. I think Atlanta will win just by default. They are at home and their playing Bucs team that is still pretty young. I wouldn’t count them completely out though.

(4-3) Miami Dolphins at (5-2) Baltimore Ravens
Miami has been playing solid football all year and have had some tough games against some tough opponents. Baltimore on the other hand has played tough defense again this year. Their offense has gotten so much better. I think when this game is all said and done, the Ravens defense is going to get to Chad Henne and the Ravens will win the game.

(5-2) Kansas City Chiefs at (4-4) Oakland Raiders
I never thought I would be talking about Oakland Raiders but I am. They have been crushing people these last few weeks and their offense has come alive. Kansas City has a really dynamic offense and a pretty good defense. Their record is not a fluke. This week I think Oakland is going to keep their momentum going and they will beat the Chiefs this week. If you think I am crazy they have outscored their opponents 92-17 in the last two weeks. They also haven’t lost by much in the games they have lost. Raider nation gets another victory this week.

(5-2) Pittsburgh Steelers at (2-5) Cincinnati Bengals
The fact that the Bengals are 2-5 is just weird to me. They have a great team, with two of the best receivers in the game. I really think because this is a division rival that the Bengals will be motivated to win the game. They are due for a win and this week they will get one.

Well those are my picks for the week. Remember to check back on Tuesday to see how things unfolded in week nine of the NFL.

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