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Remembering Sparky Anderson

Two nights ago when I learned of the passing of former Tiger manager I shed a tear or two. Growing up as a kid, my first memories of Tigers baseball were of Sparky Anderson. He was a constant professional, and always demanded the best out of his players. He had a certain look about him that made him look tough however that was not who he was. A lot of things I have read, suggest that Sparky was honest, loyal and a good man.

Sparky Anderson managed for 25 years for the Cincinnati Reds (1970–1978), and the Detroit Tigers (1979–1995). He won three World Series(1975, 1976, 1984) and was named AL Manager of the Year two times(1984, 1987). Sparky’s greatest accomplishment was being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000, something he was very proud of. His all time managerial record is 2,194–1,834. Probably the greatest feat in my opinion that Sparky was becoming the first manager to win a World Series for both a National League and American League team. Only one person has done it since and that’s Tony La Russa.

Sparky Anderson had a a great life, and a great career as a manager. He is respected by anyone who has ever been around Major League Baseball when he was. Here is a clip of one of my favorite moments that I wasn’t even alive for yet, but I love seeing this video.

God Bless You Sparky, You will never be forgotten.

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