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Thoughts on Finding Hulk Hogan

Last night I watched the A & E special on Finding Hulk Hogan. I have to say it was one of the most emotional documentaries I have ever watched on anyone. I am not saying because Hulk Hogan is my childhood hero but because Terry Bollea, the man has a very inspirational story. I know everything is there to know about career of Hulk Hogan but there is a lot I don’t know about Terry Bollea the man.

Hulk Hogan was on a downward spiral in 2007. His son Nick was a very tragic car accident which crippled his friend for life. Hogan also went through a divorce with his wife of 23 years Linda. She decided to date a 19 year old while Hogan was left alone, depressed and helpless. Hogan credits Lalia Ali for saving his life just calling him up and asking him what was wrong. He then dusted himself off and began his comeback.

Last November he signed with TNA Wrestling as an executive and has actually wrestled a couple of matches even though it risked his health. Hulk Hogan was a superhero in the 80’s and 90’s but Terry Bollea has become a real life hero to all who have followed his career. He admitted his faults, asked forgiveness, and started a new life for himself.

A lot of people criticized Hogan for being a glory hound, a politician and a person who only looks out for himself. What people don’t understand is when he made money everyone else made money. He gave so much to the wrestling business and he is sill giving to the business. After watching the special last night, there is no doubt in my mind Hulkamania will live forever.

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