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Thoughts on the Miami Heat

They say pride come before the fall, or something like that. In this case the Miami Heat’s bragging and ego filled team has not be fairing to well the first full month of the season. The 9-8 Heat will not win 70 games this season as they predicted. Here is the problem. Dwayne Wade has an ego. Lebron James has an ego. And yes Chris Bosh has an ego. Put three big ego’s on one team, it ain’t going to work.

The Miami Heat remind of me of 2003-04 Lakers that had all the stars but worst. The difference between the Heat and that Lakers team is that the Lakers had depth on their bench. However Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton couldn’t get a long. They subsequently lost in the finals to the Detroit Pistons. The only man that stayed was Kobe and he went on to win more championships without the egos. Bosh would be good for either Wade or James but not all three of them together.

The man is getting all the heat for it is coach Erik Spoelstra who actually had a little bit of an altercation with Lebron during the game against Dallas over the week. Rumors have been circulating that Pat Riley will return to the bench and coach again. So many people are talking about the Heat. Tracy McGrady says they are terrible together and that Lebron should have went to Chicago. Phil Jackson made some disparaging remarks about the Heat and their coach. Everyone is talking about the dysfunctional Miami Heat.

This Thursday is going to be the ultimate test for Lebron. Miami plays the Cavs. as Lebron returns to the town he deserted and betrayed. The crowd is absolutely going to go ballistic on him which he deserves I might add. I am going to say this, and that is, I have never had a problem with Wade or Bosh simply because Wade has remained loyal to Miami and Bosh was on a bad team. Lebron James was given everything in Cleveland. He gave that city hope, gave them something to dream about and made them be proud of their town. He threw it all away like an egomaniac because it was all about championship rings. How close are you to a ring now? Not very close at all because you’re on a team that’s not yours. It’s been Wade’s since he was drafter and it will remain Wade’s until he leaves there.

I always said, it takes one hell of a man to have an hour long show to decide where you’re going to play at. Lebron’s an egomaniac, he’s into himself and all he cares about is his image. Why do you think the video of him getting dunked on by a college kid was never released? It was to embarrassing for him.

The Miami Heat are slowly going up in flames and I for one love it. There are five teams better then the Heat right now in the east and they are Orlando, Boston Atlanta, Chicago, and Indiana. Why are these teams good? Because they don’t have ego’s. Well some of them do but they don’t get in the way of the team.

Will the Heat and Erik Spoelstra survive the season? Only time will tell, stay tuned.

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