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Thoughts on on TNA Impact and Reaction 11/11/10

Well there was a lot of twists and turns this week on Impact. Rhino turned EV2.O and beat up on RVD and Tommy Dreamer. Fortune left Doug Williams high and dry against Matt Morgan. Also, Brother Ray turned on Devon after they split up and thanked the fans.

I really enjoyed all the matches, including the inter-gender tag match with Taylor Wilde and Jay Lethal against Robbie E and Cookie. AJ Styles defeated Stevie Richard in a competitive match. Samoa Joe defeated Gunner and Murphy in a handicap match. Kurt Angle returned to save Joe from an attack from Jeff Jarrett.

It seems like The Pope is continuing his feud with Abyss and Bischoff. New feuds are coming ahead to. Feuds like Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle with Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan with Jeff Hardy, Doug Williams with Fortune, Bubba Ray with Devon, EV2 with Rhino, and a few others.

Also TNA debuted a new World Title for Jeff Hardy, and it looks disgusting. I am not going to go into it any further. You be the judge and you make your own opinions. Come back next week for an Impact review.

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