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Thoughts on on TNA Impact and Reaction 11/18/10

It seems each week Impact gets a little crazier. This week opened up with Ric Flair calling out Matt Morgan. Flair goes nuts and challenges Morgan to a match for later on. The first match of the evening was TNA X-Division champ Robbie E., Cookie, and Generation Me taking on Jay Lethal, Velvet Sky, The Motor City Machine Guns. It was a really good fast paced match which saw Generation Me’s team win the match.

Jeff Jarrett did an MMA demonstration which infuriated Samoa Joe who came out and destroyed all of Jarrett’s students. The second match of the night saw TNA champion Jeff Hardy defeat Raven which meant Raven would be fired. EV2 is now down to three guys considering Rhino turned on them last week.

Shannon Moore accepted an open challenge from Abyss in a Casket Match. I’ve never seen a casket match end in a no contest due to interference. The Pope hid in the casket and chased Abyss out of the arena.

Mickie James vs. Angelina Love was one of the best matches I’ve seen out of any Diva’s or Knockouts in a long time. After the match I could see Mickie saying “Wow!” She probably never had that kind of competition in the WWE. Mickie earned herself a title shot at Madison Rayne.

In the Main Event, Matt Morgan took on Ric Flair and defeated the Nature Boy. Doug Williams turned on Fortune and joined forces with Matt Morgan. Now Morgan gets to decide who the special guest referee is for his match with Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution.

On Reaction, there was a really cool street fight between MCMG and GenMe. No refs, no people, and it was a dark arena for the most part. The Guns left GenMe helpless. It was definitely unique to say the least. Another good week of Impact.

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