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Thoughts on the Stand Up for WWE Campaign

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching all these videos for the new “Stand Up for WWE” campaign. I’ve been a life long wrestling fan and have always felt the pro wrestling industry was unfairly criticized for how it was presented on TV.

If you were to ask me do I think WWE is the better wrestling company right now? I would say no. WWE does not listen to their fans, does not go out of there was as much as TNA wrestling does for their fans. Yes, WWE does a lot for charity, the soldiers and Make A Wish Foundation so I do applaud them for that. I think WWE trying to get the message across that pro wrestling isn’t a bad thing and that is a very honorable thing.

I like how they are showing everyone who works behind the scenes and how they feel about their jobs in WWE. People, who aren’t even shown on camera love working WWE and feel like family. Aside from my feelings on what’s presented on WWE TV each week I applaud WWE for educating people on pro wrestling and how it’s ran. There are a lot of honest, hard working people that work for the WWE and they shouldn’t be criticized for what they do. Will I stand specifically for WWE? No, but I will stand up for pro wrestling all the time.

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