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Thoughts on TNA Impact and Reaction 11/25/2010

This week on TNA, members of the TNA Roster tried stepping up against Fortune. Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams were the first two. They recruited Samoa Joe and The Pope for an eight man tag as the main event of the evening.

Tommy Dreamer and Rhino fought in a street fight which was awesome and brutal. Dreamer defeated Rhino but was attacked by him after match until RVD came and made the save. I kind of like what they are doing with Rhino right now. They will face off at Final Resolution in a Extreme First Blood match.

Jeff Jarrett is in one of the dumber storylines in recent memory. They are having him act like he is an MMA expert. I don’t know if he really is or not but if so it’s coming off really stupid. He beat Jesse Neal an in MMA “match” on Impact and wouldn’t release the choke hold until Shannon Moore made the save.

Sarita beat Madison Rayne in a match but before the match all hell broke loose between the knockouts once again. It’s been crazy with the Knockouts and they are doing more then they ever would in WWE. I just absolutely love it.

In the Main Event the 8 man elimination tag went to a no contest. Matt Morgan was the last man on his team until Jeff Hardy came in and hit a low blow on Morgan and took out the referee. Still no word on who Morgan has chose as his special guest referee for his match with Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution

At the end of Impact, Dixie Carter returned to know that she and Hulk Hogan are going to court over who really controls TNA Wrestling. I love the look on Hogan and Bischoffs face when they read to papers.

I love where TNA is going right now and the next few months should be awesome. Literally, it feels like you really don’t know what’s going to happen with the company and even the wrestlers are anxious about what’s going to happen. I’d stay tuned for more.

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