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Thoughts on TNA Turning Point

Last night it was indeed a Turning Point for TNA. The first match of the evening was Jay Lethal defending the X Division title against Robbie E with Cookie. This was a great back and forth match. These two definitely have some chemistry in the ring together. Eventually, Cookie’s interference allowed Robbie E win the match and become the new X Division champion.

The next match was a rehashing of an WWE feud, which was between Mickie James and Tara (formerly known as Victoria in WWE). These did so much more last night that they would have never done in WWE. The match went to a no contest but they were brawling all night even during The Pope’s interview segment. I believe this rivalry is far from over.

Up next is The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D. This was definitely the match of the night. MCMG have been having great matches with everyone lately but this one was special because it was Team 3D’s last match as a tag team, at least for now anyways. It was bloody, brutal, and it was what TNA stood for, Total Non-Stop Action. The Guns won but Team 3D definitely has left a lasting legacy on tag team wrestling. If you missed this match, I would try and find it so you can watch what tag team wrestling is all about.

The next match was something I thought I would never see again, and that would RVD vs. Tommy Dreamer. What a physical back and forth contest between both men. Dreamer seemed to have broken his wrist during the match but kept fighting back. RVD eventually hit the 5-Star Frog Splash and beat Dreamer. After the match, they shook hands and left the ring together.

Next up was EV2 vs. Fortune and this match got ugly real quick. Brian Kendrick got taken out within the first couple of minutes with a really nasty knee injury. Even James Storm broke character to make sure he was okay. This was a solid match but you knew that no one from Fortune was going to get fired. EV2 lost and unfortunately Sabu is fired from TNA.

Abyss vs. The Pope was extremely entertaining because The Pope’s congregation for his Lumberback Match happen to be his brother and all of his friends from Brooklyn. Pope had the advantage until Bischoff came out and showed the money sign. This prompted Pope’s brother to attack him from behind. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for the win. Abyss along with the paid off congregation celebrated on their way to the back.

Samoa Joe was on a mission to destroy Jeff Jarrett last night and it would have happened if it wasn’t for the Gunner and Murphy getting involved in the match. Jarrett won the match after beating Joe down with a bat and choking him out with Joe’s own finisher. This feud is far from over between Joe and Jarrett.

The Main Event of the evening happened to be Matt Morgan going after the TNA World Title which Jeff Hardy has. The match was really good and I was really surprise Hardy got a clean win. I thought for sure someone was going to interfere in the match but no one did. After the match Fortune/Immortal came out to celebrate and the show ended.

I would say it was definitely another solid PPV for TNA. I don’t think they have had one bad PPV all year. What they lack on TV sometimes, they make up for during their PPV’s. I will be curious to see what they do on Impact this week.

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