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Baseball Offseason News

A lot of baseball news happening in the off season which is going to shape the season for next year. Derek Jeter is still in negotiations with the Yankees. I think I read the headline some where on ESPN but it said he needed realize he is 36, not 26 and be happy with the money he was offered. The Yanks offered him a contract for 3 years, 45 million dollars and he turned it down. I am not sure if any other team would even come close to matching that. However he’s not the only one the Yankees are trying to get. They are also trying to get Cliff Lee but Texas is making some strong offers to keep him. Other signings include:

-White Sox: agreed to terms with 1B Adam Dunn on a four-year contract and with C A.J. Pierzynski on a two-year contract.
-Rockies: agreed to terms with SS Troy Tulowitzki on a 10-year contract.
-Dodgers: agreed to terms with INF Juan Uribe on a three-year contract. Also agreed to terms with RHP Jon Garland on a one-year contract.
-Giants: agreed to terms with SS Miguel Tejada and INF Mike Fontenot to one-year contracts.
-Tigers: agreed to terms with C-DH Victor Martinez on a four-year contract.

So as you can see their have been lots of wheeling and dealing so far in the off-season. It should be noted that there a lot of players that still have not been signed and I am going to give you the brief list of big time players:

Beltre, Adrian
Berkman, Lance
Cabrera, Melky
Cantu, Jorge
Dotel, Octavio
Francoeur, Jeff
Fuentes, Brian
Glaus, Troy
Guerrero, Vladimir
Hudson, Orlando
Jenks, Bobby
Jones, Andruw
Kearns, Austin
Konerko, Paul
Ordonez, Magglio
Padilla, Vicente
Pettitte, Andy
Podsednik, Scott
Punto, Nick
Putz, J.J.
Ramirez, Manny
Renteria, Edgar (The World Series MVP nonetheless)
Rivera, Mariano
Thome, Jim
Varitek, Jason

Those are just few of the many names that have not been signed. Keep checking back to see if any major deals go down. I will be covering them

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