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The Brock Lesnar-WWE Rumors Continue

For weeks now various wrestling news websites who claim to be professional have claimed that Brock Lesnar will be appearing at Wrestlemania 27 in the spring. If these so called “professionals” would stop being internet marks and catering to the internet fans they would realize that Brock Lesnar will never return to the WWE as long as he is under UFC contract.

Not to long ago when Lesnar lost his UFC Heavyweight title, Mark Calloway who is known worldwide as The Undertaker had a brief stare down with Lesnar. The rumors began to circulate. However since then Calloway called Dana White and apologized for stirring up something that was never meant to be stirred up.

Two weeks ago when WWE had it’s King of the Ring, they featured Brock Lesnar as one of the former winners of the tournament. Again, the rumors started circulating that Lesnar would be appearing in WWE once again. I can assure all of you wrestling and MMA fans that Brock Lesnar will not be in WWE anytime soon. He’s under contract with the UFC and unless Vince McMahon can pull something out of his rear-end you will never see Lesnar on WWE TV in person, only video clips.

So for you internet wrestling marks, who call yourselves professionals please check your sources before you report the news. Brock Lesnar is an MMA fighter not a sports entertainer or pro wrestler. By the way, is still the next big thing and can still bring the pain.

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