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Lebron James vs. Trent Dilfer…Who’s Next?

So turning your back on your team and giving us a one hour show about it isn’t enough attention. Now Lebron is attacking ESPN analysts. Trent Dilfer was talking about how bad Peyton Manning’s performances as of late and didn’t offer up any complements to how he was playing. Well Lebron James took offense it and posted this on his twitter:

“Watching SC and Trent Dilfer is talking bad on how Peyton Manning is playing as of late! In his wildest dream could never ever do the things Peyton does on the field. Good or bad! People get on TV and think they can say whatever they want! And it’s always former players! Crazy!!”

Hey Lebron last I checked you don’t play football, so what makes you an expert. Also last I checked Trent Dilfer has won a Super Bowl. How many championships have you won? Oh, that’s right you haven’t won any. Funny how that works. This is yet another thing that bothers me about Lebron James. He needs to focus on playing the game of basketball and keep his mouth shut.

All I am wondering now is who is next on the Lebron James bashing list. This guy has got one hell of an ego and I think he’s pathetic. Stay tuned for more on the Lebron James school of sports journalism. He knows it all….not!!!

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