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NFL Week 13 Preview

Week 13 is upon us and there are some great games on this week that could determine the playoff picture. So let’s get down to business with my predictions.

(9-2) Atlanta Falcons at(7-4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta is coming off a close win, and Tampa Bay coming off a close lost. I really think Atlanta is the team to beat in the NFC right now. They got the defense, the offensive weapons and a great Quarterback. I think Atlanta wins this week and pulls a little farther from the rest of their division

(6-5) Jacksonville Jaguars at (5-6) Tennessee Titans
This game has a lot of importance to it because the Colts are struggling right now and both of these teams still have a shot at the playoffs. This is a good divisional rival game. I think the Jags are going to come back strong this week. The Titans have too many problems right now and so I think I am going to have to go with the Jags on this one.

(8-3) Pittsburgh Steelers at (8-3) Baltimore Ravens
This is another game that could determine a lot for the playoffs. Both teams have a strong defenses but I think Joe Flacco has more weapons to use and because of that Baltimore will edge out Pittsburgh. Don’t forget, Big Ben has a boot on his foot due to an injury he suffered.

(9-2) New York Jets at (9-2) New England Patriots
The Jets won the week 2 match up between these two but this they are in New England. Both teams are playing incredible football right now. Sanchez is showing signs of greatness but Brady is already great. I am going to have to go with my Jets. They are experienced, they got weapons and they got Revis and Cromartie who can shut down any receiving core in the league.

I know I am impartial and I favor the Jets but I like their swagger and confidence. We will see what happens Monday Night. As always check back on Tuesday for my week in review.

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