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NFL Week 14 Preview

Looking at all the games this week it is so hard to pick four to predict. The match-ups are really not the difficult. I will do my best to give you four worth games to think about.

(6-6) Indianapolis Colts at (5-7) Tennessee Titans
This game is very important for both teams in different ways. Jeff Fisher is under a lot of pressure right now and the Colts are trying to make the playoffs. If the Colts win they still have a shot at the playoffs. If the Titans win Jeff Fisher can relax a little bit. I do think however the Colts will win. Peyton Manning will not play like he did again this past week. I just don’t see him doing it. He is going to be in vengeance mode for what happened against the Cowboys.

(6-6) St. Louis Rams at(9-3) New Orleans Saints
Do not underestimate St. Louis. They will probably end up representing the NFC West in the playoffs. I am actually going to call an upset and say the Rams will beat the Saints this week. I think the Rams could easily sneak into the NFC Championship game. Wouldn’t that be something? I don’t think it will happen though. They have a great team for the future and it will show this week.

(10-2) New England Patriots at (9-3) Chicago Bears
Well the Patriots beat up on a good Jets team, so what makes me think they won’t do it to the Bears? Patriots will win hands down this week. In fact they will probably beat the Bears worst then they did the Jets. Brady and company are on fire and they have come out of nowhere this year. This could be a sign of things to come.

(8-4) Kansas City Chiefs at(6-6) San Diego Chargers
This is a very important game for both teams. It could determine a lot in the playoffs. If Kansas City wins then they secure themselves a playoff spot. If San Diego wins then their playoff hopes are still alive. In the end, the Chargers will fall short and Kansas City will keep marching on.

So there you have it, my predictions for the week. Check back next week for my review of the week.

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