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NFL Week 14 Review

This has been week full of surprises, controversy, and great moments. Lets start with the Lions defeating Packers because that’s huge. The Lions have played like a good team all year and they are finally starting to get noticed. Speaking of getting noticed, how about the Jets strength and conditioning coach tripping up a Miami Dolphins player during their game. He has suspended without pay for the rest of the year.

As well all know Brett Favre’s starting streak game came to an end last. That wasn’t the thing that ended in Minnesota. The Metrodome could have ended itself for the season with the roof collapsing due to the record fall of snow. The Vikings-Giants game was moved to Ford Field and fans in Detroit were treated to a free football game. That’s the most excitement Detroit sports fans have had in a while.

Speaking of excitement how about some of the games this week. Here are just some of the close games this week:

Baltimore 34, Houston 28 (OT)
Philadelphia 30, Dallas 27
Miami 10, NY Jets 6
Indianapolis 30, Tennessee 28
Buffalo 13, Cleveland 6
Detroit 7, Green Bay 3
Tampa Bay 17, Washington 16

Then there were blowouts but the most impressive one was what New England did to Chicago. I don’t teams like the Bears and Jets are bad but I think that New England can’t be touched right now. They are the premier team in the NFL right now along with the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams are definitely in the playoffs. Speaking of the playoffs. Here is the current playoff picture as of this week.

1 Atlanta
2 Chicago
3 Philadelphia
4 St. Louis
5 New Orleans
6 NY Giants

1 New England
2 Pittsburgh
3 Kansas City
4 Jacksonville
5 Baltimore
6 NY Jets

Obviously their are teams still in the hunt but this is what it looks like right now. A lot of divisional games and other big games coming up these next three weeks which will determine who is in the playoffs and who is not so stay tuned. Check back tomorrow for my week 15 preview. Their are some tough games to predict tomorrow.

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