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NFL Week 15 Preview

This week there a lot of big games that could determine who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t. It could also decide who has home field advantage throughout the playoffs. So lets get down to it. Here my four games for the week.

(8-5) Jacksonville Jaguars at (7-6) Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis has struggled at times and then other times have shown signs of greatness. Jacksonville has been winning some really exciting games by close margins. I believe Jacksonville has the momentum and has the confidence that they can win any game by a close margin or a large margin. I believe the Jaguars win and put the Colts one more step behind of not making the playoffs

(10-3) New Orleans Saints at (9-4) Baltimore Ravens
This game is a test for both teams. It will determine if the Saints offense really has holes and if the Baltimore is for real. I believe that the holes of the New Orleans offense will be exposed by the Ravens defense. The Ravens will make a push for home field advantage and the Saints will take a step back.

(9-4) Philadelphia Eagles at (9-4) New York Giants
The Giants and Eagles are both pushing for a playoff spot. I believe that the Eagles will win this game along with the division. The Giants will be fighting for a wild card spot the last two weeks.

(9-4) New York Jets at (10-3) Pittsburgh Steelers
This game as you know has a lot of importance me and because I favor the Jets, I am going with the Jets. I have some reasons for that though. They have lost two in a row so you know they will be fired up. To be perfectly honest, I am not sure how much more Big Ben can take. He’s been taken a beating these last few weeks. I think Sanchez is going to get his head out of his butt and play like the Quarterback he did the first half of the season. If the Jets lose this game, they might be on the outside looking in. This is why I think they will not lose.

Those are my predictions for the week. Check back on Tuesday for the weekly recap.

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