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NFL Week 16 Preview

It’s getting down to the end of the season and there are some very important games this week. So here are my predictions for the week.

(10-4) New York Jets at (10-4) Chicago Bears
This is definitely a must win for the Jets. The Bears have already clinched a playoff spot so what is the point of playing your starters and taking the chance of injury two weeks before the playoffs. Jets win hands down.

(9-5) New York Giants at (8-6) Green Bay Packers
Both teams are fighting for a Wild card spot at this point so I am going to put it to you this way. If Aaron Rodgers plays, I am giving the game to the Packers. If he does not play the Giants defense will run all over the Packers offense. I am undecided until Sunday to find out if Rodgers is playing

(8-6) Indianapolis Colts at(7-7) Oakland Raiders
Colts are now in the driver seat and have a playoff spot for now. The Raiders are pretty much out of it but could play the spoiler role and help the Jaguars get back in the playoff picture. I think the Raiders are looking for respect and I believe on Sunday they will get it. Raiders win in a close one.

(10-4) New Orleans Saints at (12-2) Atlanta Falcons
I am so torn about this game. Everyone knows one of my least favorite teams is New Orleans and I still do think they are overrated and have had somewhat of an easy schedule. I am just going to say it, and that is the Falcons hands down. They are unstoppable right now. Even when they play bad, they still find a way to win. the ATL is rolling into the playoffs with home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Well there you have it everyone. Have a safe Christmas and check back Tuesday for my review of the week. God Bless you all.

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