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Open Letter to the Carolina Panthers

To the Carolina Panthers:

Last night after watching the embarrassing lost to the Steelers, I have come to conclusion on one thing. You either need to start spending money or sell the team to someone who will. I’ve been a die-hard fan since it first started in 1995 and this has to be one of the worst years I’ve ever seen.

It’s like you have one or two great years and then you go back to having four to five bad years. You need to start being more consistent like the Steelers, Patriots, Colts, Ravens, etc. You get the point. Along the way you have had some great talent come through like Kerry Collins, John Kasay, Sam Mills, Muhsin Muhammad, Kris Jenkins and Steve Smith. There are some many other names I could mention but those are some of the ones come to mind.

The two biggest mistakes you have made in recent years, is letting Julius Peppers get away and keeping Jake Delhomme around a lot longer then he ever should have been. The defense is still decent right now but the offense is just terrible. There is no doubt that you will have the first overall pick in the NFL Draft next year. The first thing you need to do is get a new Quarterback, then a couple of wide receivers and then an offensive line. If you have any picks left then go after a couple of defensive players. I’ve read a few Mock Drafts and here are what the experts are saying on who the should Panthers should possibly get:

Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
John Moffitt, G, Wisconsin
Marcus Cannon, OT/G, TCU
Jabal Sheard, DE, Pitt
Stanley Havili, FB, USC

I am pleading with Owner Jerry Richardson, President Danny Morrison, and General manager Marty Hurney to make some drastic changes. Please fire John Fox and get a better coach. Please go out and get some free agents next year. There are a lot of great free agents in each position. I am going to name one in each position.

QB- Michael Vick
RB- Jamaal Charles
WR- Vincent Jackson
TE- Owen Daniels
OL- Nick Mangold
DL- Richard Seymour
LB- Chad Greenway
CB- Champ Bailey
S- Bernard Pollard

Now I am a realist and know that they can’t acquire this much talent but they need to make an effort for the fans. Charlotte is a great sports or at least it’s starting to into one with the Bobcats, Hurricanes, and near by Colleges including the Tarheels and Blue Devils.

Let 2011 be the complete turn around year for the Carolina Panthers. Make your fans proud to be a supporter of the team. I am one of them and I want to be proud of my team. I look forward to seeing what the future has to bring.

Joe Williamson
Hollywood’s World of Sports

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