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Orlando Magic Revamp Team

Yesterday the Orlando Magic completely revamped their team with two trades. I was completely shocked that they did this. This was the news of the day yesterday and it pretty much read like this:

They traded Rashard Lewis to Washington for Gilbert Arenas and Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus and C Marcin Gortat to Phoenix for Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark. I can’t believe they got rid of Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis. Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu are good additions but I am not sure about the Gilbert Arenas thing. He still has a lot of baggage and isn’t exactly the healthiest person right now.

I think this will end up being good for Orlando and I really hope this would get them where they need to be against teams like Miami and Boston. I cannot wait for Christmas day now when Orlando plays Boston. I am excited and Orlando should be excited as well. Stay tuned to see how it all develops.

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