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Why I love the New York Jets

I’ve been asked a lot this year the question of, Why does a guy from a small town in Michigan love the New York Jets? One of the big reasons I started following the Jets is because of Mark Sanchez. I started following Sanchez when he played for USC. I thought he was a good Quarterback and who had the potential to be great. Last year, I began to love them more when they got one of my favorite Wide-Receivers, Braylon Edwards who play for U of M.

This year they picked up Jason Taylor, Santonio Holmes and L.T. I absolutely loved that because everyone else thought they were finished and had nothing to left to give. I always enjoyed Taylor and Tomlinson when they played for their respective teams. When all of these guys got together on the same team I absolutely loved it and they definitely became the team I wanted to follow. I also love the trash talk, the swagger and confidence they posses. I absolutely love Rex Ryan as their coach. He tells it how he sees and doesn’t hold back on what he feels.

A lot of people ask me, do I still love the Carolina Panthers? The answer is hell yes I do. They are the reason I even started watching football. I remember the days of Kerry Collins, Tim Biakabutuka, Wesley Walls and my all time favorite player Kevin Greene. A lot of people thought I would become a Green Bay fan when Greene became the linebackers coach there but I am only rooting for two teams.

Now the other question is who would I root for if Carolina and New York played each other? The question is neither one. I love both teams and I am glad one is in the NFC and the other is in AFC. Maybe someday they will play each other in the Super Bowl. That would be the dream game for me if it ever happened. All I got to say is J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!

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