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Chad Ochocinco and Coach Marvin Lewis in a Steel Cage?

For the last few years the ongoing battle between player and coach. Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Ochocinco and coach Marvin Lewis have had their issues on and off the field. Now TNA Wrestling has offered to let the player and the coach settle their differences in a Steel Cage and TNA’s most brutal pay-per-view of the year which is called Lockdown. Lockdown is a pay-per-view event where every match takes place inside a steel cage. This in my opinion is the best show of the year for TNA and if Ochocinco and Lewis decide to take part in it, it could be huge.

If Ochocinco and Lewis do decide to take part in this even it wouldn’t be the first time that a big NFL star would get in the ring. Here just some of the names that have gotten into a pro wrestling ring. Those names include Kevin Greene, Bill Fralic, Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, and even William Perry.

A lot of big stars in pro wrestling tried making in football in some form or another and here just some of the names who made it big after football didn’t work out. Those names include Brian Pillman, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Lex Luger, Paul Orndorff, Ron Simmons, Bill Goldberg, “Dr Death” Steve Williams, Vader, Ed “Wahoo” McDaniel, Ernie “Big Cat” Ladd, and “Bronko” Nagurski.

There has always been somewhat of a cross promotion between football and pro wrestling. A lot of football players would do great in pro wrestling because of their attitude and charisma but in recent years NFL teams have not allowed players to participate in pro wrestling events due to risk of injury.

However if this match does indeed take place it could create so much publicity for not only the NFL, but TNA Wrestling as well. Stay tuned for more on this story.

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