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Early Wrestlemania 27 Predictions

It’s that time of year when Wrestlemania rumors fly around like crazy and here are just some of the rumors I have heard. WWE supposedly was trying to land Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania but it’s a no go. Now they possibly want Kimbo Slice to appear at Wrestlemania and possibly wrestle. It has been confirmed though that Bob Barker will be at Wrestlemania 27. Here are some of my predictions for Wrestlemania 27 in terms of matches.

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. The Miz

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker (Special Guest Referee, Shawn Michaels)

Six man Tag Match
Nexus vs. The Core

United States Championship Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Alex Riley

Triple H vs. Sheamus

Those are the matches that keep going on in my mind but who knows. WWE always changes their minds on things. Stay tuned throughout the next three months to see how Wrestlemania 27 turns out. It should be really great.

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